The Typical Mistake
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What is The Typical Mistake?

Starting way back in the dark ages of the last millennium (1999), TTM is Argentina's first and longest-running English-language radio show. Guillermo had long hair back then and the format was quite different, but the idea was the same: a radio space to learn new things and have fun with English.

What's happened since then?

Over ten co-hosts, a new building, a variety of formats, live music, all sorts of diplomats, scientists, artists, correspondents all over the world, quite a lot of traveling, working with the BBC and Argentine media, a new website... but most importantly: an ever-expanding base of listeners and friends who tune in every week and are ready to swim in new waters.

Why English?

We believe in multiculturalism and diversity; and learning a language can help to open your mind and broaden your horizons. English is already the world language and knowing it can help you meet new people, read new books, and think new thoughts.


Vanessa Camozzi


Vanessa was born in Puerto Rico, she then lived in Mexico and later moved to Texas, where she spent her adolescent life riding ferocious bulls and wearing cowboy boots. She then decided to get more serious and would spend the next decade of her life around lobbyist and politicians, living and working in Washington, D.C. Not one to stay put anywhere, she now calls Buenos Aires home.
"V" as her friends like to call her, definitely has the gift of gab, which is why co-hosting a radio show is the peanut butter to her jelly. She also puts hot sauce on everything, makes ramen from scratch, and is obsessed with travelling and meeting people from all walks of life. She came to Buenos Aires with her Argentine husband to open a ramen noodle bar in Palermo. When she's not making noodles or stuffing her face with dulce de leche ice cream, she's usually at the gym, playing tennis or practicing yoga.
Vanessa has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in various countries including Argentina, the United States, England and Mexico.

Guillermo Rubens


Linguistically bipolar, Guillermo lives half of his life in English and the other in Spanish. When he's not teaching, translating, or interpreting, he manages to find the time to indulge in writing and both languages. His passion for traveling has taken him hitch-hiking across Ireland, climbing the steep steps of Angkor Wat, cycling in Cuba, camping in the Serengeti, and riding the Trans-Siberian railway. He talks too much (and interrupts), he won't shut up about politics or River Plate, he seriously needs to stop eating alfajores and lose weight, and has been known to smuggle a book into a wedding and quietly sneak out to read it instead of dancing like a normal person. His favorite proverb is "What goes around, comes around," and he tries to live by it.

Esteban Thoresdale


7 languages. 4 citizenships. 6 months living in Prague, 6 in Buenos Aires. What's this called? Citizen of the world? Definitely! Someone with multi-personalities? Perhaps! Someone who knows where he's from and where he REALLY belongs? Not sure... but trying! Such are some of many of the adjectives given to Esteban Thoresdale, one of the co-host of "The Typical Mistake". Esteban has been a simultaneous interpreter in Singapore, a language teacher in Rio de Janeiro, a 5-star concierge in Chicago, a black (aka free) marketer in Communist Poland, tour director and guide in over a hundred countries, an employee of Aer Lingus Irish Airlines now co-host of an English-language radio program in Argentina.
An avid traveler, having been to more than 150 countries, most recently Iran, North Korea, Burkina Faso and the three Guyanas.


Here are some of our past shows in case you missed them. Just click on the one you like and a window will pop-up so you can keep browsing our site as you listen to the Show you want.

TTM & Others

Diario La Nación

Since 2012 we have collaborated with the BBC on several of their shows, most notably about the Falkland Islands and politics, but also about sports, education, and Pope Francis.

ITN News

Extract of a lengthy 2013 British television interview.

Diario La Nación

The newspaper of (Argentine) record published an article about life in the Falkland Islands, and has covered the show on a few occasions.

What they said about us...

Some accounts written by people who came to the show, survived, and wrote about it.


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